Our Group has a 70+ strong membership of young people and has been in the community of Hythe since 1936.

It has been our mission since 2016 to create a fundraising committee which runs alongside our Executive committee and raise funds to save our Scout Hut from sea erosion. Since the start of our fundraising we have been able to secure the huts location with a new revetment and have reinstated a perimeter fence.

The Group now plan to improve the facilities for our young people of today and the future. This will mean improvements to our changing and toilet facilities, heating, utilities and vessels for boating

How to donate

Thank you for your generosity so far.

Donations are warmly welcome, to make this easier we have a JustGiving page linked to  our charity (302223)



Our sections

Hut maintenance​

Our site is safe but our hut is tired, luckily we have a committed group of volunteers and a huge amount of support from the local community which keeps it all together.

Project aims

Our local community have been fantastic in helping us with donations needed for our projects. Here is a list of past and present projects to improve our Group.

Safety boat
£10,000 target 0%
Improving our toilets
£15,000 target 100%
Replacement of our boathouse garage doors
£1,500 target 100%
Repair of our boathouse wall
£2,150 target 100%
Sea Defence
£80,000 target 100%