Our Group has a 90+ strong membership of young people and has been in the community of Hythe since 1936.

It has been our mission since 2016 to create a fundraising committee which runs alongside our Executive committee and raise funds to save our Scout Hut from sea erosion. Since the start of our fundraising we have been able to secure the huts location with a new revetment and have reinstated a perimeter fence.

The Group now plan to improve the facilities for our young people of today and the future. This will mean improvements to our changing and toilet facilities, heating, utilities and vessels for boating

Our 2023 project has been confirmed and we need all hands on deck.
To date we have secured our site from washing away with huge thanks to the community, as well as:

  • Renewing our toilets
  • Secured our boathouse walls
  • Installed double glassing in the boathouse and classroom
  • Replaced our 30+ year old changing room
  • Updated our classroom
  • Given our main deck a fresh coat of paint
  • Currently creating a reflection garden in honour of Her Majesty the Queen

We now would like to give our boatyard an update and renew the storage facilities to keep our boats and equipment in the best possible condition so they can continue to be used for our up coming members in years to come.

Our 2023 goal to allow us to resurface the yard, update the fencing & create new secure boat stores is £55,000. We will be holding fundraising events where our young people can get involved including sponsored events, bag packs, car washes, as well as adult events like our pub quizzes.

We will be asking for support from the local community, businesses and looking at grants. If you are able to help us please donate using our just giving page, sponsor our young people during an event or email us if you have details which can help. If you haven’t already please follow our Facebook page where updates can be found through the year.

How to donate

Thank you for your generosity so far.

Donations are warmly welcome, to make this easier we have a JustGiving page linked to  our charity (302223)


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