St. George’s Day and Promise Renewal Celebration

Date: Sunday 24th April 2022

Location: Hurst Castle

Time: 10:00 – 12:45

Attendance: All members part of New Forest Solent District

Parking: Public car parks in Milford

Organiser: New Forest Solent District Commissioner – Kerie Wallace

Contact details: 

Kit list: 

  • Full uniform
  • Suitable footwear (hiking boots)
  • Packed lunch and drink
  • Waterproofs
  • Cash for collection (optional)

Details: At 11.20hrs we aim to arrive at the Castle, meet with those Beavers and Squirrels who have chosen to come by ferry, and await the group flags which will be coming in by RIB,
We will then walk into the castle through the gates walk left to the large green area at the East of the castle, form up again for the procession of flags, and the service at 11.45hrs and then muster for final comments and thanks by 12.30hrs. At this point all young members will be released into the care of group leaders. It is then the responsibility of section leaders to have lunch, allow/take the Scouts/Cubs/Beavers/Squirrels around the castle and then either release back to parents or walk/ferry their group back to base.
Entry for members of the movement, leaders and fellowship/executive is free.

Squirrels who wish to go by ferry
There will, I’m afraid be limited space on the ferry, due to it being a public ferry and normally busy day for them, so queuing and going will be the order of the day. You will need to be at the castle by 11.20hrs.

Accompanying parents
Squirrels can walk up with their parents if they wish – we suggest they follow their Group. Parents are also welcome to attend either walking or by ferry, cost of entry for parents will be the standard fee.

The flags will be paraded by RIB and then will join the main parade by the castle at 11.20hrs. Each section please provide a flag bearer and flag, to attend at 9th Lymington headquarters at 10.30hrs. There are special rules for these members – please see the section at the bottom of this note, there will also be a separate Risk Assessment.

There will be a collection for “Friends of Hurst Castle”.

Return to Milford
We’ll let you decide what time to return and meet parents back in Milford – as a guide it took us just over 40 minutes to walk to the castle from the Milford car park last time we held this event.



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